"It is better to be a tiger for one day than a sheep for a thousand years."
— Tibetian proverb
Let's get to know each other! I am a native Kentuckian living in the great state of Texas. I attribute this to many hours watching Bert Lancaster in "The Kentuckian" on laser disc at my grandparents house. Just like Big Eli, I felt the call to the Lone Star State. But I will always cherish my Kentucky roots. After a short stint shortly after birth in eastern KY, my formative years were spent in Louisville [GO CARDS!] then off to Texas in my early 20s.

As an entrepreneur and coach, I spent my first twenty professional years assisting commercial construction contractors accelerate their sales and overhaul their business model. Today I utilize these tactics and strategies to assist founders achieve growth in the hemp industry.

My passion is connecting communities through cradle to cradle sustainability analysis and overall consumer adoption of hemp derived materials.

My Certifications Include
UNLV Certified Cannabis Professional
Leafly Certified Budtender
Trichome Institute Professional Interpener
Imperial College of London Coaching Skills
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth Retail Fundamentals
LEED Green Associate

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."
— Abraham Lincoln
Hemp industry
 I've been in the hemp industry since 2017 focused on standardization in processes for manufacturing, and retailing hemp derived products. As a native Kentuckian, hemp has been of interest to me since the 2014 Farm Bill passed. Since then, we have encountered many bumps along the way including the 2019 harvest surplus and biomass crash. My goal is to assist in legitimizing the industry through interactive education and advocacy.

In 2018, along with my co-founders, I created Higher Ed Hemp Tours. It's mission is to connect educated consumers with verified hemp brands and retailers. I am available for speaking on cannabis industry related subjects.
I look forward to speaking with you about your journey in hemp.
About Me
Leah Lakstins is a cannabis industry founder, speaker, and advisor specializing in startup and retail sector coaching. 
My current projects focus primarily around my personal mission of increasing hemp consumer adoption as a way to build and connect communities in a sustainable way.

The path to hemp was carved out for me from birth in the great state of Kentucky. In 1996, our beloved governor Brereton Jones created the first post-prohibition hemp research council to investigate if hemp production could balance the tremendous losses causes by tobacco industry closures.

Less than 20 years later, Kentucky became the leader in hemp growing under the 2014 Farm Bill. But times have not always been rosey for hemp in Kentucky, and today many farmers face a massive crisis caused by oversupply.

I entered the hemp industry in 2017 with the goal of connecting the supply chain, delivering verified resources to consumers, and connecting the cannabis and hemp communities.

Before my venture into hemp, I spent twenty years in the commercial construction and roofing industry. This brought me to Texas in 2003 along with my husband Daniel Lakstins. Through guest appearances on the Roofing Business Builder podcast and individual client consulting, I hope to work with others to create hemp adoption in commercial construction.

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